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Blacksmith Motoring Conversion Packages

Formulated in the design studio of our Senior Designer H Gio Giovanni, Blacksmith Motoring Company has developed an innovative way to transform your stock OEM V Twin Japanese (Metric) or American V Twin motorcycle into a serious street contender. What is a converision kit? Our conversion kits transforms your stock OEM bike into a full custom motorcycle without voiding your factory warranty or negatively effecting the orginally intended use of the motorcycle. It is well know that majority of full custom motorcyles do not perform as well as the original OEM base model. Our designer resolved this problem by enhancing area such as; suspension, engine perfomance, comestic appeal, rider comfort, and storage capacity. Majority of the parts in the kit are Genuine Blacksmith manufactured parts and accessories to provide a kit that is 90% bolt on. The remaining parts are provided by trusted manufacturers and provide the best riding experience on two wheel. The conversion kits design layout allows for regulary scheduled maintance to be serviced at your local dealership by not interfering with common service areas.